Adonai College Psychology Course

Adonai College Psychology Course


This course has three levels Certificate (1st Year), Diploma (2nd Year) and Advanced Diploma (3rd Year)

Entry requirements

Passed at least five Grade 12 Subjects with 18 points including English at Grade E or better. Biology and Maths are an added advantage. Grade 10 with 28 points including Maths and English will be considered for mature entry. Mature entry candidates should be 23 years with 1 year working experience in relevant field and have a good understanding in English. Grade 10 and or 12 academic certificate should be provided. Diploma entries require a Certificate in Psychology and Advanced Diploma entries require a Diploma in Psychology.

Course Modules
PSYCHOLOGYFirst Year Certificate in PsychologySemester 1

  1. Introduction to Psychological Practice
  2. Introduction to Social Psychology
  3. Developmental Psychology
  4. Introduction to Numeracy in Psychology
Semester 2

  1. Psychology of Learning
  2. Career Guidance and Counselling
  3. Personality Psychology
  4. Health Psychology
Second Year Diploma in PsychologySemester 1

  1. Language Development
  2. Psychological Disorders
  3. Psychological Tests and Measurement
  4. Cognitive Psychology
Semester 2

  1. Community Psychology
  2. HIV/AIDS Care and Counselling
  3. Psychology of Special Populations
  4. Environmental Psychology
Third Year Advanced Diploma in Psychology Semester 1

  1. Consumer Psychology
  2. Life Span Development
  3. Psychological Therapies
  4. Industrial Psychology
Semester 2

  1. Group Dynamics and Human Relations
  2. Counselling Theories and Practices
  3. Unique Groups in Counselling
  4. Ethics and Techniques in Counselling