Business School of Excellence Namibia BEdHons

Business School of Excellence Namibia BEdHons

Provides specialised academic and professional studies in education in 4 fields of specialisation: General Teaching and Learning; Education Management, Law and Systems; Mathematics Education; Learner Support.
QUALIFICATION NAME: Honours Degree in Education

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  • BEdHons
  • NQF Level 7
  • SAQA ID: 59302

BEdHons is intended to acknowledge specialised academic or professional studies in education. On completion of their studies students will be able to demonstrate an advanced reflexive understanding, of and a competency in knowledge, skills, values, principles, methods and procedures relevant to their specialisations in education.
Students will be able to understand the role that research plays in education, make basic evaluations and conduct educational research. These studies will enable students to play a leadership role in professional educational activities within the different sectors of teaching in South Africa.


Below are the fields of specialisation to choose from:

  1. General Teaching and Learning
  2. Education Management, Law and Systems
  3. Mathematics Education
  4. Learner Support