IOL ACPE Course Student Support

Institute for Open Learning Advanced Certificate in Senior Primary Education Course Student Support

Student Support Services

The student support services that IOL  provide, assist student to become more effective and efficient. To support you during your studying period with us, we are glad to announce that we offer the following  bouquet of Student Support Service for your  convenience:

  • Your own unique e-mail address – this is an excellent communication tool enabling you to communicate  worldwide
  • Golden Student Card – for access to Student Support Centres
  • Contact with tutors between 18:00 and 20:00 on weekdays
  • Monthly questions and answers in Informante, will also be posted on the website
  • Full access to the Recourse Centre Library with all study guides, textbooks and recommended reference books
  • Assignment and Examination base Contact classes on certain Saturdays
  • Free Photocopy and Fax services
  • Free Internet access and free access to IOL Website
  • Friendly environment to come and study
  • Institute for Open Learning (IOL) Coordinators will assist students with studies at the Resource Centre
  • Typing facilities – computer to type you’re assignments
  • Notes from tutors distributed in contact classes on the website
  • A student counselling service that provides a safe place, separate from your daily life where you can raise Issues or feelings which are causing you difficulty
  • Institute for Open Learning (IOL) Is also in the process to produce  a complete set of DVD’s containing face to face contact classes on all your subjects


What is Counselling?

Counselling provides a safe place, separate from your daily life where you can explore Issues or feelings  which are causing you difficulty.

What does the Counsellor offer?

  • Relating in a supportive and purposeful manner to assist In finding your way forward
  • Confidential space to talk to the counsellor about concerns
  • Understanding a feeling of being listened to, valued and accepted in a non-judgemental way
  • No pressure on the student.  The counsellor is not here to tell you what to do, rather to help the student to find their own answers and solutions to problems

Reasons to seek counselling

  • Stress Management
  • Life transitions and change
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Self-Esteem Issues
  • Trauma
  • Social Issues
  • Substance Abuse
  • Peer Influences
  • Poverty
  • Violence
  • Unemployment
  • Adjusting to Distance Learning
  • Difficulties in Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Body Image Concerns
  • Loss and Grief
  • Career Guidance

Roles/ Responsibilities of a Counsellor

  • Provides information and assistance to students, parents and teachers about a wide range of matters such as students’ personal problems, learning difficulties and special requirements
  • Offers guidance to students about their personal or academic life.
  • Helps students work trough emotional problems;  mediates social conflicts;  provides academic guidance; and recommends future career options.  A counsellor helping others and recommends ways for students to reach their goals.
  • Often helps the students to deal with the pressures of life
  • Guiding students regarding their career decisions and helping them understand their potential and provide help to pursue their goals
  • Recognising the behavioural issues and provides solutions to handle them.
  • Working as a mediator between the student and the college authorities, If there Is an argument and tries to resolve it
  • Student counsellors may counsel people one-by-one.  Counsellors may also work with students in groups, such as directing a class during a presentation.

NOTE:  Student counselling is not compulsory, but voluntary for all IOL students.

Counselling services will be available in the regions on intervals.  Students and regional offices will be informed.


  • Examination venues are indicated on the application forms. Please see the list below for more information on this.
  • Changing Examination venue, is requested in writing, a month before examination
  • Examinations are written in April/May (first semester), and August/September (second semester), every year.
  • Contact: Tel.: 061-2754353, for more information regarding examinations and venues.

Examination venues

Examination Venues
Mweshipandeka SS
Omusati Youth Centre
Heroes PS
Walvis Bay:
Katima Mulilo:
Caprivi College Of Education
Dawid Bezuidenhoudt SS
Fridrich Awaseb SS
Paresis SS
Okakarara SS
Helen V Rhijn PS
Usakos SS
Mariental SS


Student can write examination ONLY at the examination venue indicated on your Admission Permit. Please take careful note of the details given below regarding the examination procedures to know what is expected.


Time of examination sessions

*       April/May Examination: Morning Session              09:00  – 12:00 Afternoon Session14:00  – 17:00


*       Aug./Sept. Examination: Morning Session            09:00  – 12:00 Afternoon Session14:00  – 17:00


The student should take note of the dates and times as indicated on his/her examination timetable.


ACPE is a one (1) year Course, however, a part time student, studying distance mode has three (3)  years to successfully complete the Course and being issued the Certificate. If then still not successful,  his/her studies will be permanently terminated


Graduation ceremonies will be held once a year during the second term of each year.  Students will be notified in advance