NAMCOL Admission Requirments

By | June 7, 2019

NAMCOL Admission Requirments

For entry into secondary education programmes, proof must be provided that the learner has passed the same or a similar subject at a lower grade or standard. This applies to enrolment for both JSC and NSSC learners.

The National Examinations, Assessment and Certification Board (NEACB) of Namibia under
the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Cullture (MoEAC) has laid down requirements for registration to sit for the Grade 10 (JSC) and Grade 12 (NSSCO) examinations. Accordingly, admission to courses offered by the College are subject to admission requirements as set out by the NEACB.

According to the NEACB guidelines, JSC (Grade 10) first-time takers are not allowed to take more than three subjects with NAMCOL. A re-sit candidate is, however, allowed to enrol with NAMCOL for up to six Grade 10
subjects. Similarly, NSSCO (Grade 12) firsttime takers are not allowed to enrol with NAMCOL for more than three subjects. Resit NSSCO learners are permitted to enrol for more than three NSSCO subjects per year.

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Since NAMCOL`s courses and the national examinations are heavily subsidised by the government, it is our policy NOT TO enrol learners who do not meet the requirements of the NEACB and such leaners are thus not allowed to sit for the examination.

The following documents are needed for enrolment

• Proof of identity (Namibian ID OR passport, NAMCOL Learner ID, birth certificate)
• ORIGINAL certificate of your highest educational qualification or ORIGINAL statement of results for the most recent examination you sat (certified copies of the above documents are NOT acceptable)
• Payment in full of subject fees (in cash or by money order)
• Study permit for all foreign nationals*
• One passport-size photo
• Statement of Entry for learners previously enrolled with NAMCOL.

You can enrol at any of the enrolment points provided in the list from pages 79-82, during the enrolment period from 16 January to 18 February 2017. You have to present the abovementioned documents for enrolment. Enrolment officers will be present to assist you with the process. Upon enrolment, you will be given a set of study materials, a copy of the receipt of payment and a Learner ID as proof that you have enrolled with NAMCOL. After the
enrolment period, you will receive a Statement of Entry indicating your enrolment particulars and all the subjects you have enrolled for during the current academic year.

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Please keep all these documents in a safe place. Your NAMCOL ID and proof of payment will be required when you
register for the examinations or when you collect outstanding study material.

Please note:
The NAMCOL Statement of Entry must be presented along with your proof of payment and
Learner ID when you register for examinations with the Directorate of National Examinations and Assessment (DNEA).