Namibia Business School Diploma in Police Management

Namibia Business School Diploma in Police Management

The objectives of this course

This qualification is designed to provide students with focused knowledge and skills in Police Management using general principles and application as well as some specialized and practical knowledge in the field of police management. It intends to build the individual capacities of members of the Namibia Police Force thereby strengthening the operational and institutional capacity of the force as a whole. This is in line with the strategic objective of the University to “cultivate standards of excellence in teaching, research, and all the prescribed functions of UNAM, through encouraging constructive criticism, constant self-improvement, self-evaluation, and peer assessment”

Admission Requirements

  • An applicant should be in possession of a minimum Grade 12 certificate, with a minimum of 22 points in five subjects including English with at least a D symbol as per UNAM General Regulations. In addition, a minimum of one (1) year experience in the Police Force or related service is a requirement for entry.
  • Admission could also be considered for persons who qualify through the Mature Age Entry Scheme upon successful completion of the relevant examinations as set out in the General Information and Regulation Prospectus. A special application is available for this purpose.
  • Alternatively a candidate should have completed professional police training assessed at a minimum of Level 4 by the NQA.

Mode of Delivery

The Diploma in Police Management will be delivered full-time on a block-release basis at Namibia Business School.  The Mode of Teaching will include a mix of lectures, seminars, case studies, class discussions, student and expert presentations, group projects, simulation exercises and guest speakers.

Duration of the Programme:

The minimum duration of the programme is ONE (1) year.

Curriculum for the Diploma in Police Management

Year 1First Semester (1) Introduction to Policing in Namibia
Introduction to Human Rights
Organizational Behaviour
English for General Communication
Contemporary Social Issues
Year 1Second Semester (2) Sociology of Law
Criminology & Crime Prevention
Introduction to Research Methodologies
Case Management Systems
Introduction to Public Administration

Tuition and Expenses

Tuition plus course material:

N$30,000 (Course material is made available in electronic format on the School’s e-learning platform.


Download and complete the Namibia Business School Application Form PDF and send it to us.