Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology Tuition Fees

Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology Tuition Fees

NIMT Fees Structure 2019

1. Books, Stationery etc. are additional costs, which could increase if more than basic is needed. +/- N$1,750.00 per annum
2. Skills Upgrading Training only: N$1,250.00 per week
3. Trade Assessment Preparation: N$1,750.00 per week
4. Evaluation Assessment: (private trainees/candidates) N$1,000.00 per day
5. Re-tests: N$1,500.00 per day.
6. National Examination Fees
SHE rewrite & IBOS rewrite:
N$300.00 per subject
N$150.00 per subject
7. Apprenticeship Training: Governmental  trainees only
·         Practical and Theory
N$36,750.00 per annum:  (excludes Registration fee of N$2,000.00)
8. Hostel Facilities, Seminars and Workshop facilities: Available on request.  Prior booking is necessary.  Costs will be quoted before bookings.
9. Miscellaneous Costs:
Telephone calls, facsimiles, photocopies, stationery, books etc.
Will be charged additionally as and when utilised.
10. Replacement of locker keys:
In cases where locker locks are maliciously damaged or keys are lost and the locks need to be replaced.
11. Safety Apparel:
Safety clothes, shoes etc. are the responsibility of the trainees’ employer, which could increase if more than basic is needed.
Employer’s responsibility or will be charged to employer additionally.
+/- N$1,250.00 per annum


Transport: for private candidates only (Skills upgrading & Evaluation tests)
Bus transportation – Walvis Bay/
Swakopmund/Arandis (return).
Transport for fulltime trainees:

Basic Accommodation for full-time trainees:  as and when available.  This excludes meals, toiletries etc.

N$60.00 per day (N$300.00 per week)
N$4,500.00 per semester

N$4,500.00 per semester

14. Apprenticeship costs for private/company trainees per level of training (6 months):
(excluding accommodation & transport)
N$20,000.00  (all inclusive)
To be paid in full at registration
15. Special Trainees: N$2,000.00 to be paid at registration.
16. Full-time trainees living in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay who want to use the NIMT buses for transportation to and from the Institute, have to pay a transport fee of N$4,500.00 for the semester.  Without a NIMT bus card (valid receipt), you will not be allowed to use our transport.  To be paid in full at registration.
If the full costs have not been paid at the end of a semester, no reports, certificates etc will be issued until these have been paid.  No enrolment will be possible if all costs of the previous semester have not been fully paid.
Preference for both transport/accommodation will be given to those trainees who have paid the fee in full on the day of registration!

Please Note:  All tariffs are subject to alteration without prior notification. Increased costs will have to be billed to companies additionally, as NIMT cannot, at the moment, forecast purchasing increases for 2016.

Governmental trainees annually have to pay, on day of registration as a trainee, a non-refundable amount of N$2,000.00. This annual registration fee has to be paid by all trainees who are GRN loan/subsidy receivers.  Training will be refused if the fee has not been paid in full on the first day of each semester.
Please note:

  1. From all valid refunds, which need to be authorised and approved by the Executive Director, NIMT, shall subtract an administration fee of 10%.


  1. Trainees have a maximum of one week, from the date the campus has started each semester, to ensure that the registration fees are paid in full. If the registration fees are not paid after the first week, the trainee will not be allowed to register and has to postpone his/her registration for the next intake.
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