Polytechnic of Namibia Bachelor of Logistics Honours

Polytechnic of Namibia Bachelor of Logistics Honours

Polytechnic of Namibia Business School

The Bachelor of Logistics Honours will be awarded to candidates who achieve a minimum total of 141 credits at NQF Level 8, including 30 credits for research or project work as spelt out in the detailed regulations below:

  • Semester 1: 4 x compulsory courses (57 credits) which includes the Research Methodology course for thesis preparation (15 credits and allowed to take in the second semester as well).
  • Semester 2: 3 x compulsory course (39 credits).
  • Semester 3: 1 x compulsory course (15 credits) with a Research Project (30 credits).

Note: The Programme is designed to span over 3 semesters, but the flexibility is available for students to complete the programme in one year, with the Research Proposal in the first semester, and the Research Project in the second semester, with all the modules required.

A Bachelor degree at NQF level 7 from a recognised institution or its equivalent as determined by Senate. Such admission qualification must contain the foundational and professional core studies at NQF level 7 of the underlying subject matter in Logistics and may be in fields such as:

  • Business Management
  • Business Computing
  • Economics
Career Possibilities: Positions in supply chain management, intermodal transport, legal framework and information technology
Modes of Study: Full-time Part-time
Duration:  1 Year
Level of Programme: Postgraduate
Course Code:  22BLOH