Polytechnic of Namibia Bachelor of Marketing

Polytechnic of Namibia Bachelor of Marketing

Polytechnic of Namibia Business School

The Bachelor of Marketing aims at producing marketing graduates who can competently manage marketing and management related tasks and duties as well as make marketing related decisions within the scope of their responsibilities. Graduates would be able to appraise and manage the synergy between marketing and other functional areas of management in an organisation.

The programme aims at equipping students with a diverse range of skills and competencies that are marketing specific and job relate d. Graduates will be able to use relevant marketing information in the process of making effective and efficient marketing decisions, managing themselves and others, and providing mentorship and coaching to subordinates.

The overall purpose of this programme is to produce graduates who are competent and proficient in performing a wide spectrum of routine, complex and multi – dimensional marketing and marketing – related tasks, duties and responsibilities and achieve reliable results with minimal or no supervision. Students who exit with a Diploma in Marketing and Sales will be able to find employment as: Sales Representatives, Marketing Assistants/Representatives, etc., while Bachelor graduates would typically be employed as; Marketing Executives, Sales Executives, Business Development Executives, etc. Students who exit the programme with a Diploma in Marketing and/or Bachelor graduates can also follow the professional marketing route by registering with Institutions like the Chartered Institute of Marketing – London; and be a Chartered marketer, thus further enhancing his/her Marketing profile.

Candidates may be considered for admission to this programme if they meet the General Admission Requirements of the Polytechnic of Namibia (GI2.1 in the Prospectus). In addition, Mathematics is a recommended subject.

Mature age candidates will be considered provided they meet the requirements and pass the mature age entrance examinations of the Polytechnic of Namibia (GI2.2 in the Prospectus).

Career Possibilities:
Executive positions in marketing, sales, business development etc
Modes of Study:  Full-time Part-time Distance
Duration:  3 Years
Level of Programme:  Undergraduate
Course Code:  07BMAR