Polytechnic of Namibia Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences provides professional programmes aimed at the production of cadres and specialists concerned with the improvement of public health through: Disease prevention and control, emergency medical care, disease diagnosis, patient care and management. The Faculty consists of three departments: Health Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics as well as Natural and Applied Sciences. The Faculty cuurrently offers Bachelor of Science professional degree programmes in Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Health Sciences. The Faculty also offers the following bachelor degrees: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Honours degree in Applied Mathematics, Honours degree in Applied Statistics as well as a Bachelor degree programme in Pre- Hospital Emergency Care.

This Faculty is Divide into the Following Departments:

Polytechnic of Namibia Health Sciences Department

Polytechnic of Namibia Mathematics and Statistics Departments

Polytechnic of Namibia Natural and Applied Science Department