UNAM Agricultural Economics and Extension Department

The Department of Agricultural Economics is one of 8 departments in the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resource at the University of Namibia. The mission of the Department of Agricultural Economics is to make effective contribution to the Faculty’s mission of promoting sustainable agriculture and natural resources development and management in Namibia through teaching, research and extension services to communal and commercial farming communities.

Our vision is to be a model excellence in teaching, learning, research and services. Specifically the department aims to:

  • To produce high level human power in Agricultural Economics , with specialized skills to:
    • Identify and articulate the problems in food, agriculture and natural resources:
    • Carry out socio economic research and policy analysis in relation to the production and marketing of food and cash crops to ensure economic and social development of the farmers and enhance national economic growth. :
    • provide information to policy makers and :
    • Manage agribusiness firms. :
  • To provide advisory, consultancy and outreach services to farmers and Government personnel working in agricultural economics and extension fields in the rural areas and elsewhere, whenever called upon to do so.
  • To help promote the Faculty’s goal of producing graduates who can self- employ themselves through entrepreneurial training
  • To conduct research aimed at increasing the productivity of communal and commercial farmers in Namibia.