UNAM Crop Science Department

The Department of Crop Science is one of 8 departments in the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Namibia. The mission of the Crop Science Department is to make effective contribution to the Faculty’s mission of promoting sustainable agriculture and natural resources development and management in Namibia through teaching, research and community service to communal and commercial farming communities.

The objectives of the Crop Science Department are:

  • To provide basic and specialised training in areas of crop production and soil management to undergraduates and diploma students at UNAM
  • To provide advisory, consultancy and outreach services to farmers and Government personnel working in crop production and soil management.
  • Through entrepreneurial training, to produce graduates who can employ themselves and thereby complement the government’s efforts in employment creation and poverty reduction.
  • To conduct research aimed at increasing the crop productivity and sustainability of cropping systems of communal and commercial farmers in Namibia.