UNAM Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Overview

The Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR) is part of the eight Faculties under University of Namibia (UNAM) and was founded in 1996, six years after independence of Namibia. It was established in order to contribute in reducing the gaps on critical mass capable of responding to country needs for research and development.
The Faculty of Agriculture plays a strategic role in research and development by training students at different levels of knowledge, ensuring the effective utilization of Namibia, SADC and international agricultural countries potential. The Faculty provides training to students contributing to animal and crop husbandry and animal health and ensuring effective agricultural production to enhance social and economic sectors.

The Faculty has a very clear mission: to promote sustainable agricultural and natural resource development and management in Namibia, through teaching, research and extension services to communal and commercial farming communities.

The Faculty Headquarters is situated at Neudamm Campus, about 32 km from the main UNAM campus in Windhoek. Its activities make it be an institution of international reputation offering Diploma courses, B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees to both national, SADC and international students. The Faculty has premises supporting the teaching and research by lecturers and students, a fact allowing its high involvement in collaborative research with other UNAM Faculties and Departments.

The Faculty currently has 693 students pursuing various Diploma, B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree programs offered throughout campuses benefiting Namibians, SADC and international students.