UNAM Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Department

The Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences offers a four-year degree programme leading to a B.Sc. Honours in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (Honours). For over 10 years, the Department has been generously supported by Norwegian Government, through provisions of teaching and research facilities, facilitation of visiting Lecturers and research/field trips for both staff and students. Through this funding, the Department established linkages with the University of Tromsø, Rhodes University and the Bunda College of Agriculture, University of Malawi.

The B.Sc. programme is unique in the region as it offers students a multidisciplinary approach to studying the broad area of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences through modules covering the natural, technical and social sciences.

For years, the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has provided logistical support to the Department so that teaching and some of the practical and lectures can take place at the National Marine Information and Research Centre (NATMIRC) in Swakopmund. The same assistance was provided by SANUMARC which offered a very ideal place for students to conduct their practicals and research activities.

Although the Department is relatively young, it has grown steadily since its inception in 1996. Starting with 16 students in 1997, the Department registered over 120 students in 2014 academic year. The first graduates of the programme completed in December 2000, and these and many others continue to take up meaningful employment in both the public and private sector of the Namibian fishing industry, and beyond.

The Department is very proud to have trained students from other SADC countries such as Angola, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, the Seychelles, Cameroon, Jamaica as well as Mauritius and since returned to their respective countries where they have taken up significant positions in their respective institutions.