UNAM General Nursing Science Department

The Department of General Nursing Science is a leading agent in scientific foundations of nursing, concepts of clinical care and ethical aspects at the School of Nursing and Public Health.

In addition, the mission of the Department of General Nursing Science is to prepare a registered nurse who is:

  • Skilled in the scientific foundations of nursing, whereby the applicable anatomy, physiology, microbiology and pharmacology had been mastered
  • Competent in clinical – based health care approach to provide safe curative care to patients who are affected by the illnesses
  • To manage the environment for clinical care
  • Render tertiary care to enable the patients to make use of the potentials they are left with
  • Render primary care to empower the clients of health services to exercise control over the determinants of health
  • To conduct research in areas of clinical care to inform the health authority
  • Finally to function as an ethical responsible professional

In order to understand this philosophy / culture, the department interacts widely with other departments within the School, other UNAM faculties and external stakeholders.