UNAM Integrated Environmental Science Department

The Department of Integrated Environmental Sciences (DIES) is one of 8 departments in the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resource at the University of Namibia. The mission of the Department of Integrated Environmental Sciences is to make effective contribution to the Faculty’s mission of promoting sustainable agriculture and natural resources development and management in Namibia through teaching, research and serving our communities.

Our vision is to be a model excellence in teaching, learning, research and services. Specifically the department aims:

  • To produce graduates equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude enabling them:
    • To tackle some of the environmental issues such as desertification, land degradation, depletion of natural resources, decline in biological diversity as well as water, soil and atmospheric pollution that are facing the country.
    • To produce graduates equipped with skills to address the high need of required man power personnel for the growing environmental sector in Namibia and SADC countries. • To conduct research aimed at addressing environmental related issues such as climate change, floods and drought.
    • To serve communities as advising them on Ecological, Environmental, Forestry and Agroforestry related aspects.