UNAM Pharmacy Practice and Policy Department

Pharmacy practice relates to the development of the professional roles of a pharmacist through evidence based training that is tandem with policies and global developments in the pharmacy profession. The department of pharmacy practice and policy was established as one of the functional departments in the School of Pharmacy.
Currently the department oversees teaching of pharmacy practice modules throughout all the academic years in the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) programme, fosters research that is responsive to the practice needs of Namibia, and enhances community services in the area of pharmacy practice. Practice subjects taught to undergraduate students include community/hospital pharmacy, pharmacy law and ethics, clinical pharmacy, and complementary and alternative medicines use.
In addition to these traditional modules the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Policy also runs all four pharmacy placement modules, namely: Rural attachment, Community pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy and Hospital Pharmacy. These modules allow the pharmacy students to gain appropriate skills, knowledge and attitudes through experiential learning. The Department has created a Continuing Professional Development programme for practicing pharmacists and is planning and developing post-graduate programmes. The Department boasts a number of pharmacists registered through the Pharmacy Council of Namibia.

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