UNAM Veterinary Medicine Department

Welcome to the website of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, here at the Faculty of Agriculture and natural Resources at the University of Namibia. The Department of Veterinary Medicine is one of 8 departments in the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resource at the University of Namibia. The Department is one of the very new departments at the Faculty and University envisaged to become the School of Veterinary Medicine which will be the first and only veterinary school in Namibia with both the required human resource base and facilities to meet these challenges. This website highlights the main activities of the Department with the aim of ensuring excellence in provision of knowledge and understanding of animal and human diseases. It is hoped that you will be able to access relevant information on this website either for business, academic or social reasons, or as a client or researcher, as a prospective student or a graduate.

The Department would also like to take this opportunity to welcome you in person to the Department of Veterinary Medici at the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural resources it’s hoped that you will witness our commitment to animal and public health services provision.

The Department is an arm of the university enabling it to fulfil its missions by imparting practical skills to serve the society through diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of diseases of animals and humans and for production of wholesome foods of animal origin for the healthy society. Thus, the Department has a threefold mission; training, research and provision of advisory services and patient care to animals belonging to a broad range of clients.

The vision is guided through the mission, which is “To promote development through training, research, extension, provision of services to the public and private sector in an environmentally friendly manner” in veterinary medicine, epidemiology, public health and food safety, livestock economics and jurisprudence