University of Namibia Katima Mulilo Campus

During the colonial period, the Katima Mulilo Teachers’ Training Centre (Caprivi College of Education) operated from the premises of the Caprivi State School (now Caprivi Senior Secondary School. The teachers of the Caprivi State School were used as trainers for the teacher trainees as well for the college component. In 1990 the college re-located to a different site, the Tobias Hainyeko Centre, which was largely built of prefabricated materials. The college re-located to the present campus in 1996, when on 18th April 1996, the then Deputy Minister of Education, Hon. Buddy Wentworth, officially inaugurated the new campus.

Through a Cabinet Directive aimed at strengthening the quality of teacher training and improving/increasing the supply of teachers in the country, colleges of education in the country merged with the Faculty of Education of the University of Namibia. This marks the birth of the Katima Mulilo Campus of the University of Namibia, and heralded a continuing transformation and re-engineering of the campus, in terms of facilities, student and staff recruitment, and diversification of course offerings. Presently, the campus hosts two faculties: Education (FoE) and Agriculture and Natural Resources Management (FANR), which offers the following programmes or qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Education [Pre-primary and Lower primary]
  • Bachelor of Education [Upper-Primary]
  • Bachelor of Science in Wild-life Management and Ecotourism.
  • Higher Diploma in Animal Health.

We anticipate introducing another programme of study in 2015, a Diploma in Junior Primary Education (DJPE). Apart from the above courses offered through fulltime mode, the campus offers other courses on distance mode through the University’s Centre for External Studies (CES).