University of Namibia Keetmanshoop Campus

Campus is currently operating from its former Regional Centre in Krönlein.

In its quest to make higher education more accessible to all Namibians, the University has set up a campus at the southern town of Keetmanshoop.

The University of Namibia is committed to serve both urban and rural communities, and to provide them with extension and advisory services in order to improve their educational standards and technological competencies. The broader goals of the Southern Campus are to increase opportunities for access to higher education and to foster economic development of the southern regions. The campus will accomplish its goals by offering a broader range of formal and non-formal, professional and business-related programmes, short courses and initiatives that will benefit Namibia as a nation. It is envisaged that the Southern Campus will in all its planned facets be development over a substantial period of years.

Academic focal areas are:

  • Teacher Education
  • Geosciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Entrepreneurship

Regional Innovation HUB

In addition to the academic disciplines, the Southern Campus will be the regional Innovation HUB aimed at stimulating technology and knowledge driven enterprises. The Innovation HUB will among others, provide co-creation and co-development platforms, business incubation (including infrastructure) and open innovation platforms to a multiplex of actors including civil society, industry, academic and the private sector. Essentially, the Innovation HUB will stimulate socio-economic development through social-innovation resulting from interlaying science, technology and entrepreneurship.