University of Namibia Library Photocopying and Printing

University of Namibia Library Photocopying and Printing

UNAM Photocopying and Printing

The printing and copying solution at UNAM allows students to print from any university computer and collecting of printed papers from any printer on campus. All students have to do is to load money on their printing and copying accounts using the vending machines at the dining hall and in the library.

To print or make copies, follow the following instructions:

  1. Load money on your account at Vending Machines in the library and at the dining hall by entering your student number
  1. Printing: On the document to print, choose the virtual printer (picture: example from Microsoft Word)
  1. The opening screen – Press “Start”
  1. Press “ID Number” / “Username” and put in your student number (on the touch screen or on the keyboard) and press OK
  2. Press “PIN” / “Password” and put in your secret password and press OK
  3. Press “Login”
  1. Choose:
    • Copying: Press “Use device functions”
    • Printing: Press “Select and Release Print Jobs”
  1. Choose which option you wish to do. e.g.: print, copy (buttons on the left of the screen)
  1. Copying: Choose all your options and press “Enter” (big green button on the right of the screen)
  1. Printing: Press the desired print job
  1. Once your print / copy is done your account will be deducted by the amount of copies made.


Emergency contacts

Tel.: 061 206 3073