University of Namibia Library Request Forms

University of Namibia Library Request Forms

UNAM Library Request Forms

Course reserve is a service provided by the University of Namibia Library to support or supplement courses offered by the University of Namibia. Course reserves are designed to provide a high level of access to materials that are in demand by a large number of students. Materials are taken from the main collection of the Library or Lecturer’s personal copies of books and given short loan periods of maximize access to materials. Reserve fines are set at a high level to make borrowers return material on time for use by other users.

  • Books owned by the University Library
  • Lecturers’ personal copies of books
  • Photocopies of books chapters, journal articles, lecture notes, homework assignments, problem solutions, test files ect.

  • When materials are submitted for reserves, a Course Reserve Form must be completed to indicate which items the Lecturer wishes to place on reserve, for which class and the time period. These forms are available at the Short Loan Section. Each item submitted should be listed on this form. For each course a form must be completed.
  • Correct bibliographic information must be provided for each item, including the call number (if applicable), complete title, author, lecturer’s personal copies of books should be indicated as “ Personal “ on course Reserve form for verification.

Course Reserves Faculty Submission Forms are processes in the order received, and only after corresponding syllabi have been submitted to the library. All attempts will be made to process materials for review and checkout within two working days. If selected books for reserve are among the library’s collection, Lecturer’s should verify item availability before requesting an item be placed on reserve.

All materials will be removed from course reserves at the end of each semester. Library-owned items will be returned on the collection and print reserves (Copy or book) belonging to Lecturer’s will be returned through campus mail. Access to this course will be disabled after all material has been removed.

Who may use Short Loan?

Materials placed in the Short Loan Section are for 2 hours use only to registered students and staff of the University of Namibia. A valid student or staff card or library card is required for the checkout of reserve materials.

Reserve Loan Policy

Users may check out up to two items at a time. Lecturers wishing to check out an item placed on reserve by another Lecturer is expected to abide by the due date or time designated on the due date slip. Possible reserve loan periods are as follows:
a) Two hours
b) Overnight loan possible form 08h00 pm to be returned next day 09h00.

Reserve items may be renewed once at Short Loan Section, except when another patron needs the item.

Overdue fines are higher for reserves than for the general collection in order to encourage prompt return of these materials. It is crucial that reserve materials are returned on time to allow equal access to the materials. Reserve fines are imposed at a rate of 50 cents per hour for the first two hours. There after N$1.00 per hour. If reserve item is cost or damaged, the person responsible will be billed the minimum replacement cost of N$ 551.00. Fines are paid at UNAM cashiers.

Newspapers and other items

Other sensible items held at short loan include:

1. Newspapers, e.g. daily and back issues
2. Magazines, for example Time International, Newsweek. ect.
3. Videocassettes
4. CD-ROMs

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