University of Namibia Swakopmund

The Centre for External Studies (CES) is an academic centre of the University of Namibia established to ensure greater access to higher education and equity for students with various educational backgrounds. Hence, CES offers certificates, diplomas and degrees in various fields through the open and distance learning mode. Worth noting, is that CES has an intake of over 3800 students’ population. In addition, the Centre has three Departments, namely Materials Development and Instructional Design, Student Support and Student Administration. The Centre manages ten (10) Regional Centres across the country. Besides other responsibilities, our academic staff are involved in research conducted national and international in partnership with our stakeholders.

Centre for External Studies strives to become the leading open and distance-learning Centre in the country and beyond by enabling people to achieve their full potential through accessible, innovative and flexible learning. Its mission is to provide accessible quality higher education and to create opportunities for professional development to adult members of the community by providing open learning through distance and continuing education programmes.

CES caters for the educational needs of people who, for a variety of reasons, cannot come full-time to any of the University campuses to further their studies. The Centre operates through three departments: the Department of Materials Development and Instructional Design, the Department of Student Support and the Department of Continuing Education. In fulfilling their duties all three departments are supported by the CES Student Administration unit. Moreover, the three departments collaborate with internal faculties of the University and outside partners in offering formal and non-formal programmes to external students by means of distance and open learning methods. In addition, CES manages the nine University regional centres to support its programmes and students.

Furthermore, the University of Namibia recognised that successful learning through open and distance learning (ODL) requires collaboration with other ODL institutions in the country. As a result, CES is a partner in the Namibian Open Learning Network Trust (NOLNet), a publicly funded trust not for gain, charged with the responsibility of supporting open and distance-learning centres scattered throughout Namibia. As a partner in the NOLNet Trust CES students can make use of facilities of all NOLNet centres. Remember that all UNAM regional centres are part of the NOLNet centres’ network system.

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